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100 Percent Scholar Solutions

360 Degree Agency Pty Ltd

3Bees Education and Migration

3R Foundation

4Nations Group

4Nations International – Education & Visa Services

4s Study Abroad

51 Visas Pty Ltd

7th Sky Foreign Education Consultant

AA Education / Australien-AusBildung

AAS Education Consultancy

AB Cube Academic Solutions

ABC Connect Consultancy Ltd

ABC Education & Migration Brisbane

ABC Education and Migration

ABC International Services Pty Ltd

ABC World Education Agency

ABK Consultancy Pty Ltd T/A Western Education Services

Abroad Australia Pty Ltd

AC & T International

Acacia Consulting Co Ltd

Academix Study Abroad Services

Acare Agency

Access Education Network Pvt Ltd

ACE Australia (Agency for Cultural Exchange Australia Pty Ltd)

ACE Education & Migration Services

Achieve International Education & Migration Service

Achievers Career Academy

Achievers International

ACIC Pty Ltd T/A Australian College Information Centre

ACN Southern Immigration and Education Services

ACT Education Services T/A Thai & American Cultural Exchange Co Ltd

Active Migration Education (Active Migration Training Pty Ltd)

Adan Consultants Pvt Ltd

Adil Consultants (SMC Pvt Ltd)

Adiraj Overseas

Adiuvo Consultants

Advance Overseas Consultancy

Advise 365 Pty Limited

Advisory Centre for Australian Education (Dundawin Pty Ltd)

Advist Education Consultant Pty Ltd

AE Global Brisbane

AE Global Sydney 

AE T/A Blue Education

AEA Education & Migration Pty Ltd

AECC Global

AEES Global

AESC Tasmania

Agam Group Australia Pty Ltd

Agam Group Pty Ltd

Agape Student Services Pty Ltd

Agent Australia (Catalane, Aline Garcia de Moraes)

Aggarwal Consultants Pty Ltd

Agile Edusoft Services Pty Ltd

AGS – Advance Global Study

AIM Education Consultancy

AIMS Abroad Education

AIP Tasmania

AISO International Education

Albatross Student Education Pvt Ltd

Alfa Beta Institute

Alin Consultancy

All Education

All Visa Services

Allied Immigration Services Inc

Allnine Overseas Education

Allskills Recruitment & Migration Services Pty Ltd

Alpha Educational Consultancy

Amazing Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Amazing Metro Global Pty Ltd

AME Migration and Education Pty Ltd

AMET Education

Ample Education Services (Hongren Chen & Chiujung Lo)

Ample International Education Pvt Ltd

Amster Immigration Overseas Pvt Ltd

Angels Immigration and Education Consultants Pvt Ltd


Any Job Will Do

ANZ Global

ANZ Migration Consultants Pty Ltd


AOJI Education Australia Pty Ltd (AOJI Migration Australia)

Aomei Pty Ltd T/A Mackellar Syd Education&Migration Center

Apex Consulting

Apollo International 


ApplyBoard Inc

Aptitude Migration Pty Ltd

Apurba Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

AR Education

Ariya Migration Consultants

Arora Foreign Education Consultants

Arrow Immigration Pty Ltd

Arslan International

AS Education Consulting Pty Ltd

Asees Migration Australia Pty Ltd

Ashford International Pvt Ltd

Asia Pacific Group

Asian Education Networks

Asian International Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Asiania International Consulting Co Ltd


Ask Consultancy

Ask Migration

Aspire Career Education Consultancy

AT Education Co Ltd

Au-CHN Visa Service Pty Ltd

AuFun Education Pty Ltd

AUM Global Education and Migration Services

AUS Bridge Education Pty Ltd

Aus Student Center

Aus-Asia Education Consultancy

AusBank Overseas Students Consultants

AusBeyond Student Services Pty Ltd

Auscanus Consultants Hobart Pty Ltd

Auscanz International Pty Ltd

AusCharter Education (Zhang, Zhijie)

Aus-Elite International

Ausguide Education and Migration Pty Ltd

AusIn Associates Pty Ltd

Ausity International Service Group Pty Ltd

Ausking Education & Migration

AusLaw Education Services (Dong, Jiaqi)

Auslink Investment Co Associates (AICA)

Ausmotive Group Pty Ltd T/A Ausmotive Education

Auspark Education Network Pvt Ltd

Auss Global Study Pty Ltd

Aussieasy (The Trustee for Aussieasy Australia Trust)

Aussie Immi & Education (Dhiresh Lal Kohli)

Aussie Immigration & Education Consultancy Pty Ltd

Aussie Migration & Education Services Pty Ltd

Aussie Professional Group T/A Aussieglobe Education and Migration

Aussie-ASEAN Education & Immigration Services

Aussieglobe Education & Migration


AUSSIZZ Group Thomastown Pty Ltd

Aussizz Migration & Education Consultants Pty Ltd 

AUS Study Group Pty Ltd

Aust Migration & Settlement Service (The Trustee for Aust Unit Trust)

Austin International Migration and Education Group (JP Pacific Holding Pty Ltd)

AusTop Capital Holdings Pty Ltd

Austral Consultants (Austral Migration & Education Consultants Pty Ltd)

Austral Study & Immigration Services

Australasian Student Services

Australatinos Pty Ltd

Australia Best Study

Australia Education Center Pty Ltd

Australia Education Consulting Pvt Ltd

Australia Education Group Pty Ltd

Australia Education Services (AES)

Australia First Visa Group Pty Ltd

Australia India Academy Pty Ltd

Australia International Pacific Education and Migration

Australia Study Pty Ltd

Australia Study Solutions

Australia Visa Advice

Australian Agency for Education & Training Pty Ltd

Australian Centre Pty Ltd

Australian Connection Study Adventures Pty Ltd

Australian DL International

Australian Education Advisory Services

Australian Education Expert (The Trustee for AEE TRUST)

Australian Education Info Centre (AEIC) – Australian Institute of Education and Innovation Pty Ltd

Australian Expert Migration Services Pty Ltd

Australian Express Migration Solutions (Singh, Sandeep Pal)

Australian Immigration Centre

Australian Integrated Migration

Australian Management & Education Services (AMES)

Australian Migration & Education Consultancy

Australian Migration Advisory

Australian Migration Consultants Pty Ltd

Australian Migration Guide Pty Limited

Australian Odyssey

Australian Student Visa Pty Ltd

Australian Study Solutions

Australian Visa & Education Consultants (AVEC)

Australian Visa Central Pty Ltd

Australian Way

Austral-Oriental Education Service Pty Ltd

Austway Migration & Education Centre

AuSuccess Education

Ausvisto Limited

Autalia Legal Serivces

Authentic Education & Migration Pty Ltd

Avante Immigration

AVC –  Australian Visa Centre

Aventus Migration Services

Avenue Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Avis Worldwide Pte Ltd

AWM Educational Services Pty Ltd

AXCESS International

Axent Solutions Pty Ltd

Axis International

BABA Education Consultancy

Bada Education Centre

Bajwa Immigration Consultants

Bansal Immigration Consultants (Gana Enterprises Pty Ltd)

Basya Pty Ltd

BCS Consulting Services

Be Ozzy International Pty Ltd

Be Ozzy International Pty Ltd

Between the Peaks Pty Ltd

Bhawishya Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Bhrigu Global Visa Consultancy

Bhutan Gangchen Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

Bhutan Global Education Service

Bhutan International Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

Bhutan Student Care

Bizz Education Australia

BJ Education Network

Blessings Enterprise Pvt Ltd

Blue Diamond Education & Immigration Consultants

Blue Sky and Student Consultancy Services

Blue Studies International (Blue Consultants Group Pty Ltd)

Bluesky Immigration & Students Consultancy

BMJ International Group (Huang Mei)

BMW Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd

BMW Educational Consultancy (Silwal & Company Pty Ltd)

BMW Educational Consultancy Tasmania (TAS Global Services Pty Ltd)

BN Global Consulting

Boomerang Australia Studies (Arnaud International Consulting Pty Ltd)

Boomerang International Educational Services


Boss Education & Visa Pty Ltd

Boston Abroad Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Bradford Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Brainbox International Educational Academy Pvt Ltd

Brainstorm Abroad  Education & Immigration Consultants Pvt Ltd

Breeo International Pvt Ltd

Bridge Australia Marketing Solutions Co

Bridge Blue Pty Ltd

BridgeAus Migration Consultancy

Bridgemarks Education Solutions

Bright Spark Consultant

Brighton Career Consultants Pvt Ltd

Brillante Travel Services

Brilliant Education & Career Services Pvt Ltd

Brilliant Migration Club Pty Ltd

BS Education Services (BSF Professionals Pty Ltd)

Bullseye Consultants 

Busca De Curso Pty Ltd T/A Australia Now Education Agency

Byahe Visa Solutions

C Nine Migrations (C Nine Pty Ltd)

CAAN World Migration & Student Services

Cambridge Consultancy Services Pty Ltd

Cambridge Educational Services

Cambridge Institute of Technology Pvt Ltd

Campus Edu Services

Campus Global Education Consultancy Services

Canam Consultants

Capital International Academy Pvt Ltd

Career Education Consultancy Australia Pty Ltd

Career Point (SANJNA)

Career Solutionz

Career Wings Pvt Ltd

Carving Career Foundation Pvt Ltd

Castle Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Centre Education Group Pty Ltd

Ceylango Education

Charis Study Abroad

Checkmate Migrations Advisors

Chetanya Career Consultants Pvt Ltd

Chhillar Immigration & Educational Consultants Pty Ltd

CIES Consultants Pty Ltd (CIES Professionals)

City Educations

CJ Migration (ACJ Enterprises Pty Ltd)

College Search Pvt Ltd

Come in Australia Pty Ltd T/A StudyBird

Connect Education Network

Connect Globe Education Group Pvt Ltd

Connect Overseas Immigration

Connection Australia

Consultancy Point Ltd

Cosmos Aboard Services

Cosmos Consultancy Pty Ltd

Cosmos Consultants

Crizac Limited

Cross Continent Education

CS Consultants

CTS Mirgation Services Pty Ltd

CZ Migration Consultancy (Chen & Zhu Associates Pty Ltd)

D & Z Immi Visa Pty Ltd

Daffodils Study

Dakshaa Overseas

Dallow Delta India Private Limited

Danfe International

Day One Intercâmbios

Delta Immigration Consulting Group (Sarkarati, Sina)

Des Pardes International (DPI Consultants)

Desire Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Desta Consulting

Destiny Education Solutions

Devisers Global Limited

Dikshya International Pvt Ltd

Direction Australia

Discover Abroad Study Consultants

Discover Matrix Pty Ltd

Discover Study Travel


DK Science & Learning International Student Centre

Dolphin Education Consultancy Center Pvt Ltd

Dream Career Management Australia

Dreamland Abroad Education Pvt Ltd

DRONAA International Educon Pvt Ltd

Dynamic Consulting & Business Services Pty Ltd

Dynamic Learning Partners Pty Ltd (Apply4Study)

Dynamic Universe Education Plus Immigration Services Pvt Ltd

E Plus Global

E.Vibes Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Easy Migrate (The Trustee for Easymigrate AMCS Unit Trust)

Easyozzy Pty Ltd

Easyway Consultancy

E-Colink International Pty Ltd

Ed Network International Education


Eden Academy Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Eden Education Consultancy

Edex Corporation



Edge Overseas

Edguru Overseas

Educare Education & Migration (Arfa & Aakif Pty Ltd)

Edu Global Unlimited

EDU HUB Education Foundation Pvt Ltd

Education Abroad Consultants

Education and Migration Corner

Education and Migration Services Pty Ltd – EMS Global

Education and Visa Agency

Education Asia Pvt Ltd

Education Center Pty Ltd

Education Connect Pty Ltd

Education Embassy Pty Ltd

Education Guru

Education International Australia Pty Ltd

Education Management Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd

Education Masters Pty Ltd (EDU Hub)

Education One

Education Overseas Academy

Education Planet Pty Ltd

Education Seeds Co Ltd

Education Study Link

Educonnecting Student Agency

EduCube Pty Ltd

Edugate Gateway Pty Ltd

Edulink Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

Edu-Migrate Information Centre (Time Matrix Consulting Pty Ltd)

Edunetwork Pty Ltd

EduRight Overseas Study Abroad

EDUTAS (Kammari, Sowmya)

Edutravel Group

Eduteg (Monaz Kiritsinh Erda & Yashpal Kiritsinh Erda)


EdWizz International

Egali Intercambio


E-Goal International Education

E-Help Consultancy & Migration Services

Ekta Saini

Elite AUS Consultancy

Elixir Immigration and Educational Consulting Services

ELT International Education Services Inc

Emergico Migration and Education

Empire International Education and Visa Services (SWOT Investments Pty Ltd)

EMK Global Pty Ltd

Enam International Education and Migration Consultants

Encom Education Services

Endeavour Education Consultants Pty Ltd

English Council Pvt Ltd

Enjoy Australia

EOscar Immigration Services Pvt Ltd

Eplanet Global Pty Ltd

Equinox Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Eragon Group

ESM India Educationals

Estudien Australia Pty Ltd

Eureka Consultants

Everest Education & Visa Services

Everest Global Education


Excel Education & Immigration Services 

Exclusive Migration Services

Expert Education and Visa Services

Expert Multipurpose Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Export Education Australia Pty Ltd

Express Visa Migration Services Pty Ltd

EZ Migration Consultancy (Alpha Service Network Pty Ltd)

E-Zing Overseas Educational Consultancy

Fan Education Agency

Fast Track Consultancy Pty Ltd

Fast Track Migration Services (The Trustee for MK Group Family Trust)

Felix Education (Paulina Zielenkiewicz)

Ferguson Consultants Group Ltd

Fernandes Migration Pty Ltd

Fine Step Education Consultancy

First Choice Visa & Education Service (A & H Group Australia Pty Ltd)

First Class Immigration Services Pty Ltd

Firstec International

FirstOne Education Migration

Fly Foreign Education & Immigration Services LLP (Grey Matters Group)

Flying Kangaroo Pty Ltd

Foreign Education Solution (FES) Link

Foreign Focus

Fortrust Education Services

Fortune Point Pty Ltd

Forwealth Pty Ltd

FR International Culture & Education Exchange Center

Francaustralia Education

Frank L Z & Associates Tasmania Pty Ltd

Friends Education & Migration Consultants (Friends Migration Pty Ltd)

Front Page Education & Visa Services

FS Consultants

FTI Consultants Limited

Funosea Global Link Venutres

Future & Success Consultants Pvt Ltd

Future Advisers

Future Care Pty Ltd

Future Falcon International Pvt Ltd

Future Ideas Consultancy

Futureoz Group Pty Ltd

Fuzhou Qianguo Education Service

G.E.C. Global Consultation Pty Ltd

G.K. Educational Consultants

G2S Education Consultants

G4Seven Immigration

Galaxy Education and Migration Services (GEM) Pty Ltd

Gap Solutions

Garden International Education

GEO Consultants

Gems Group Services Pty Ltd

Giant Star

GIEC Study Abroad Pvt Ltd

Gihan’s Café

Glen Global Pty Ltd

Glob Edification Pty Ltd

Global Approach Pvt Ltd

Global Assist Migration Services Pty Ltd

Global Choice Education

Global Consultancy

Global ED Consultant

Global Education Advisor

Global Education Alliance (GEA)

Global Education and Immigration Centre (GEIC Pty Ltd)

Global Education and Migration Solutions Pty Ltd

Global Education Network

Global Gateway Education Consultants Pty Ltd

Global Immigration & Educational Consultants

Global Immigration Consultant Inc T/A Visahouse

Global Industries & Investments Pty Ltd trading as Study Australia Agency

Global Migration Consultancy

Global Reach

Global Student Services

Global Study Abroad and Immigration

Global Study Network

Global Study Partners Pty Ltd

Global Top Educations

Global Village International Education and Career Development Centre Pvt Ltd

Global Visa Advisor Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Global Way International Education Pvt Ltd

GlobalEduHub Pvt Ltd

GlobaLink Group Pty Ltd


Globe Education Marketing Consultants Pty Ltd

Globivo Immigration

GNT Migration Pty Ltd

Go Study Australia

Go4n Visa Solutions

GoAbroad Education Advisors

Golden Bridge –  GB Consultancy

Good Advice Migration Pty Ltd

Good Day Study

Good Education Group

Good Way Education and Visa Pty Ltd

Goodwill Consult

Govinda Education Pvt Ltd

Grace Education Pty Ltd

Grace International Education Consultant

Grace Migration and Education Services (Babaji Mahaan Pty Ltd)

Grace Visa Services

Grasshoper International

Great Mate

Green Education Consulting Services

Green Emerald Education Foundation Pvt Ltd

GTB Education Services

Guardian International Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

HaHua Education and Migration Services

Hallmark Counsellors

Hande Education and Migration

Harbour Migration Australia

Harmonic International Education

Hashing Pty Ltd

HB Consulting Services Group

HBD Services

HECT Education & Migration

Hello Aussie Student Services Pty Ltd

Heritage International Education

Hills Migration & Education Services

HIMA – Aus Education Consultancy Pty Ltd

Himalayan Brothers Education Pvt Ltd

Himalayan Business Pty Ltd

Hit Uluslararası Eğitim

HJ Consultants

Homestay & Education Austra

Honest Immigrations (The Trustee for the Trident Trust)

Honew Consulting Group

Hope Immigration Services

Horizon Associates Pvt Ltd

Horizon Overseas Studies Private Limited

HP Migration Pty Ltd

HPT Centre

HS Consultants Pvt Ltd

HS Education Consultant Pty Ltd

Hub Education

Hub International Education Pvt Ltd

Hyderbad Overseas Consultants

Hytech Education

I Edu Net Pty Ltd (IAE Edu Net Melbourne)

IAE Study in Australia Pty Ltd

IAEC Education (The Trustee for Navkar Family Trust)

IALF Global

IBN Brisbane

IC & T Consultants

Icorp Education

Ideal Education & Visa Services

Idol Student Services

IEAA International Education Agency Australia IEA-A Pty Ltd

IEC Abroad

IELTS Review.Com

IEMC Global (The Trustee for Nguyen Duong Family Trust)

IMIS Educational Pvt Ltd

Immi Solution Pty Ltd

Immiexpertz Pty Ltd

Immigration Master Pty Ltd

Immigration Network Services Inc

Immigration Specialists Pty Ltd (Visas Simply)


Impel Overseas Education Amrut Bhutada

Impulse Chitwan Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Impulse International Institute Pvt Ltd

Index Advance Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd (IAEC)

Indo Global Education Services Pty Ltd

Indus Pak Advisors Pvt Ltd

Infinite Opportunities Abroad

Infinity Education and Migration Services (Angjas Investment Holdings Pty Ltd)

Infinity Group / Infinity Migration Service Pty Ltd

Information Planet (IP)

Influx Pakistan

Innovative Creation Services Pvt Ltd

Inspire Education & Migration Consultant

Inspri Edu & Career

Inter Education

Intercambio Study Travel Pty Ltd

International Education Network

International Education Services

International Learning and Migration Advice Australia Pty Ltd

International Migration And Education Services IMES Pty Ltd

International Migration Consultants

International Student Access

International Student Admissions Network

International Student Educational Migration Services (The Trustee for Australian Education Unit Trust)

International Study Affairs Services

International Study Solutions Pty Ltd

International Visa Advisers

Intraco Education Pty Ltd

Irenic International Education Services Pvt Ltd

Irongate International Educational Services

ISA Migrations

IVisapoint (Sandhu, Prabhjot S)

IVY Group Australia Pty Ltd

Ivy League Education Pvt Ltd

IWISE Education Pty Ltd

Jap Study Abroad & Consultants Pvt Ltd

JDV International Pty Ltd 

Jeewa Australian  Educational Centre Pty Ltd

Jenard Corporation Pty Ltd T/A Jenard Training and Personnel

JENOX Australia Education and Migration

Jiade Education Consultants

Jinan Beimei Jinqiao

Journey Visa Consultancy

JP International Consultancy

JR Training Australasia

Jump Study 

Kandel Consultancy Pty Ltd

Kangaroo Education & Migration Services (Kangaroo Group Of Companies Pty Ltd)

Kangaroo Education Foundation Pvt Ltd

Kangaroo Education Global Pty Ltd

Kathmandu Infosys Education Consultancy (Kiec)

Kathmandu International Education Center Pvt Ltd

KBA Global Pty Ltd

KBIES Consultants Pvt Ltd

Keen Education Consultant

KEMS Global Pty Ltd

Kitson Migration Advisory

Klic Consultants

Koala Education Consultations Pty Ltd

KOKOS International Geelong Pty Ltd

KR Education Pty Ltd

KTM Consulting

Kumar Marketing Services

KYMM Education (Phon, Kim Ha)

Lakhani Family Trust Leading T/A Vision Consultants Australia

Landmark Overseas Consultants

Language International and Open Abroad

Lanso International Migration & Education Services

Learn Now Pte Ltd (Study Query)

Learning Gateway Center

Legacy Group Pty Ltd

Legendary Careers Pty Ltd  

Leo Le Education Pty Ltd

Leom International

Let’s Go Study

Like Global (International Business Pty Ltd)

Link Abroad Pty Ltd

Link Study

Link2World Pty Ltd

Loyalty Study Abroad Consultancy Services

M.A. Enterprises

MA Education Consultants

Mac Immigration Canada

Mahal Global Consultancy

Make your Career

Malhotra Migration Solutions

Marwaha Overseas Pty Ltd

Masiratna (Masiratna Australia Pty Ltd / Masiratna Study Abroad)

Master Migration Services

Mate’s Education Pvt Ltd

Mates International

Maximus Education and Migration (Maximus Group Pty Ltd)

MBA Pratama

MC Wombat Studies (Mauricio Alfonso Cuervo Troncoso)

McKkr’s Pty Ltd (Skilled to Qualified)

Me Studies

MEA Consultancy Pty Ltd

Megamind Consultants Pvt Ltd

MEIC Consulting Group Pty Ltd

Melbourne Migration Services

Mentor Education Australia Pty Ltd

Mentor Migration & Education Services

Meraj International

Mercy International Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Meridian Education

Meridian Migration & Education Consultancy Pty Ltd

Merit Educational Consultancy & Accounting Services Pty Ltd

Merit International Consultant

Metro Education Academy Pvt Ltd

MH International

MI Education

Micro Ventures Australia Pty Ltd T/A i-Migrate, People Across Borders

Mi-Ed Consulting

MigrateMe Experts (Global Education and Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd)

Migrating Abroad Immigration Services

Migration Advisory Services Pty Ltd

Migration Consultants Melbourne Pty Ltd

Migration Corp Australia Pty Ltd

Migration Evolution (Singh, Vikramjeet)

Migration Fast

Migration Hive

Migration Key

Migration Law Consultants Pty Ltd

MigrationLaw Matters Pty Ltd

Migration Star

Milestone Education & Immigration Services Pty Ltd

Miracle Education Service Limited

Mirai Education and Visa (aka Uniglobe)

MK International Investment Group Pty Ltd

MNMK Educations Pty Ltd

Model Global Visas Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Moga Avenues Overseas

Mohsin Son’s Pvt Ltd

Monkey King Student Service Center Pty Ltd

Motif Education Abroad Pty Ltd 

Motif Education Abroad Pvt Ltd

MOTT International Students Pty Ltd

MovesEdu Immigration Pvt Ltd

My Consultant

My Oz Dream LDA

My Stage (Technopia Pty Ltd)

My Visa Guide (Kaura Pty Ltd)

My Visa Options



N Square Education & Migration Consultancy Pty Ltd

Nabil International Consultants


Namaste Education & Visa Services

Namgyel Education Consultancy & Placement Firm

Naosams Migration Service (Bimal Bhattarai)

Nasa Education Counselling Private Limited

Nasra Group Australia Pty Ltd

NC Solicitors

Needs Consulting Service

Neil  Migration Pty Ltd T/A Neil Consultancy

Nepalese Encounters Education Consulting

Nepcoms Services Pty Ltd

Neptune Visa Services (Misarwala, Burhanahmed Riyazahmed)

Net Tech Educational Consultants

Neulon Pty Ltd (Universal Migration)

New Century Global Education & Immigration Pty Ltd

New Connection Group

New Edge Consultancy Pty Ltd

Newpoint Migration and Education (Australia M.Z. Holdings Pty Ltd)

Newpoint TAS Pty Ltd

Newstar Education

Newstars Education Counsellor Pty Ltd

Newstars Education and Migration International Pty Ltd

Newway Migration and Education Consultants (Rayamajhi & Vu Pty Ltd)

Nexco Consultants Pty Ltd

Nexor Education and Migration Services (Kamdrana Pty Ltd)

Nextgen Global Summit Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Nextterm Education and Visa Services

Next Link Education Pty Ltd

Nexus Consultants

NIBS Education and Visa Services

Nice Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Nikee Business Group (The Trustee for Pereira Family Trust)

Nirgunn Overseas Consultants Pvt Ltd

Nirvana Counselling Center

No Limit Education

NOC Immigration Pvt Ltd

Nova Education Migration Services (Nova Business Group Pty Ltd)

Nowak Migration

OAA Study

Oasis Education Group Pvt Ltd

Oasis Immigration & Educational Consultant

OBCO Migration & Education Consultants (H.S Oberoi & U.N Oberoi)

Oceania Consultants Pty Ltd (Oceania Education Solutions)

Oceylan Consulting Pty Ltd

Oli & Associates

OnePoint Education Services (K Ali & Malik & A Saleem)

Oneway Australian Education

Opal Consulting

Open World Immigration Services (Parsons, Nogah)

Option Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Options Education Agency

ORBIS Advisors (Orbis Migration and Education Consultants Pty Ltd)

Orio Global Pty Ltd

Orion Study Abroad

Oscars Education & Migration Services

Our Dream Associates Pty Ltd

Overseas Education & Career Consultants Pty Ltd

Overseas Education Centre (OVEC)

Overseas Solutions

Overseas Student Education Consultancy Pty Ltd

Overseas Student Help Services Pty Ltd

Overseas Students Consulting Services

Overseas Zone

Owlet Migration and Education Consultancy

Oxford Edu. Study Consultancy Pvt Ltd

OZ Pathway Pty Ltd

OZ Visa Solutions

OZC Services

OZFair Global

Ozlink Education Consultants

OZTrip Services

PACE Migration & Education Consultancy

Pacific Center / Migration Services

Pacific Education & Visa Services

Pacific Global Network

Pacific International Study Abroad Consultancy

Paridhi Foreign Education & Immigration

Passion Overseas Visa Consultants

Pathfinder International Education Pvt Ltd

Pathway to Aus

Peace International Consultants

Pelican Migration Assistance Pty Ltd

Pema Education Consultancy and Placement Firm

Perfect Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Perfect Overseas Education Consultancy

Perfect Visa Solutions Agent (Dao, Vu Hoang Ngan)

PGUT Visa Front Immigration Pvt Ltd

Pham Migration Services


Phillip Silver and Associates 

Phoukhoun Education Center

Pillai Immigration

PIML Education Consultants Pty Ltd

Pioneer Global

Pixar Educational Consultancy Pty Ltd

Plan Study Agency

Point Break Australia

Portale Australia

Possible International Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

PowerPrep International

Pragmatic International Education Consultancy Pty Ltd

Prasat Study Abroad Consultancy Co Ltd

Professional Education Consultancy Sydney

Professional Visa and Education Services

Profound Service Pty Ltd

Prominent Consultant

Promise Services

Prosper Overseas

Prudential International

PSM Global Consultants (Exolent Global Exim (Aus) Pty Ltd)

PTCP Explore Career Consultancy Services

Puravida Study Pty Ltd

Puri Educational and Immigration Services


Q.C. Education & Migration Centre Pty Ltd

Qingdao Aomeilian International Education Consultancy Company Ltd

Qingdao Hetu International Culuture

QQ Australia Pty Ltd

Quantum Migration

Queensland Migration Services (Lynfield Company Pty Ltd)

Raffles Educare Associates Pvt Ltd

Raffles Global Education Services

Rao Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd

RD Education and Migration Services

RD Foreign Education Consultants (SMC-Pvt) Ltd

Ready Immigration Pty Ltd

Real Education and Visa Services Pvt Ltd

Red Earth Immigration

Residency Guide

Rich Education & Visa Services Pty Ltd

Right & Associates Pty Ltd

Right Directions Overseas Education Consultants

Rightway Airlinks Pvt Ltd

Rightway Migration & Education Consultants Pty Ltd

Rincon and Associates 

Riya Education

RKPS Global Immigration

Robertson Educational Consultants

Rohan Immigration & Co

Roots Educations Consultant Pty Ltd

Routes Overseas Consultants

Royal Educational Foundation

Royal International Migration Consultants

RPS Migration Australia

RS Global Immigration Pty Ltd

Runners Career Consultant Pvt Ltd

RV Education & Migrations Consultants

Ryan Consultants

Safalya International Pvt Ltd

SAFE Education (A&C Trading Pty Ltd)

SAFE Education (A&C Trading Pty Ltd)

Saga Studies

Sainsons Immigration

Samden Kuendup Education Consultancy & Placement Firm

Sanji Caldera Associates (Caldera, Sanji)

Santamonica Study Abroad Pvt Ltd

SB International (UK) Limited

Scholar Hub

Scope Student Services Pty Ltd

Seaford Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Search Education

Service Hub Australia Pty Ltd

Services Links Pty Ltd T/A Educate Migrate

Settling Abroad Services

Seven Seas

Shalom Education Services

Shandong Hengde International E&T Cooperation

Shandong Jiahe Overseas Service Company Ltd

Shenyang Paisen Overseas Consulting Co Ltd

Sherwin Immigration Consultants

Shield First Consulting Pvt Ltd

Shilex Consultancy Limited 

Shine Zuunii Guur

Shree Hari Consultancy

Shreeji Overseas

Shreejma Education Pvt Ltd

Shri Krishna Education & Immigration Consultants

SILK Consultants

Sirus Consultants Australia Pty Ltd

Sirus Education Pvt Ltd

SIS Consulting Pty Ltd T/A Australia Online

Sky Education & Migration Services (Sky & Young International Pty Ltd) 

Sky Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Sky Education Services Pty Ltd

Sky High Consultancy Pty Ltd

Skyfall International Educational Consultancy

Skyview Migration

Slight Edge Migration

Smart Education Link Pty Ltd

Smart Education Pty Ltd T/A SmartEdu

Smart Study

Smart Study Australia Pty Ltd

Smart Study Center Pvt Ltd

SOL Edu Pty Ltd

Solutions West Pty Ltd TA Evicon Australia

Solve Educational Consultancy Pty Ltd

Sonya International Education Centre Pty Ltd SIEC Education Pty Ltd

Sophia Consultants

South Asian Educare

Speak United Inc

Special Consultancy

Spiible Pty Ltd

Spot on Global (Pracmatic Group Pty Ltd)

Srivas Foundation

SSA Migration Consultancy

St. Xavier Education Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Stamp Visa Education Services

Stampford Australia Pty Ltd

Star Migration Group

Start Education Centre


Stellar Education Australia Pty Ltd

Steps International Education Pvt Ltd

StepUp Consulting

Straya Migration

Student Consultancy Network (SCN Study)

Student Solutions Centre

Student World Pty Ltd

Student Zone Education

Student’s Pride Educational Consultancy

Study Adviser Ltd

Study and Immigration 

Study Australia Consultancy

Study Central

Study Choice Australia

Study Directions (DEL2MEL Pty Ltd)

Study Express Group

Study Foreign Consultant

Studygate Australia Pty Ltd

Study Globe ( Seven sea/ Auscan)

Study Live Abroad (Thongpet, Narumol)

Study N Work Pty Ltd

Study Path International

Study Pro Pty Ltd

Study Solution Consultants

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