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Welcome to the Bespoke Grammar School of English website page!  

We are passionate about creating the best possible English learning environment for our international students from around the world. The goal of our English course is to provide learning environments that are conducive to effective English language learning and the development of autonomous English communication. This allows our students to develop accuracy, improve fluency, and foster confidence.  

To achieve this goal, at Bespoke Grammar School of English, our dedicated and friendly teachers employ a student-centred approach in the best possible learning environment to provide you with exceptional experiences to connect you to your future successful careers.  

Our website page contains information for you to learn more about Bespoke Grammar School of English. I encourage you to visit our friendly campus and staff, meet our students, and the facilities that our school offers.

Best of luck with your studies at Bespoke Grammar School of English!

Babak Mansouri Nia
School Manager

1 - 60 weeks


$200 per week

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About this course

AIBT’s ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) courses focus on an active-learning approach and our students take a more dominant role in the classroom.

They are given tasks where the teacher acts as a facilitator and communication is based on students giving opinions and reasons for those opinions.

Why Study ELICOS?


All English teachers at AIBT are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English under strict TESOL guidelines. All teachers are experts in English language teaching and will get to know you well. If you are worried about your English language development, your class or your study plans, your teacher will be there to help guide you towards success. The teachers actively engage students of all cultural backgrounds with a range of activities designed around real life practical situations.

English Only Policy

All classes are taught with an English-Only Policy. This is to ensure that all students maximise their opportunity to learn and practise their English skills. The English-Only Policy has been established to assist you in making the most of your English language practice time, and develop confidence in a supportive environment whilst at AIBT.

Student Support

Medical insurance arrangement, Orientation program, Study support, Recreation activities, (Tours, BBQ’s, Australia Zoo, Aboriginal Experience etc)

Flexible Start Date

Students may choose to commence any Monday during the term to fit individual study plan schedules.

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