Student Pre-Enrolment Consultation

Interested in studying with us?
Not sure which course is right for you?
Need more detailed course information?
We're here to help!

This consultation is mandatory prior to enrolling

Step 1
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This Student Pre-Enrolment Form must be completed prior to enrolling into our courses.

Once completed, we will be able to guide you and determine which course is right for you!

Once completed, please return to our Enrolments Team -
or your Sales Manager or Sales Agent

Step 2

After receiving and reviewing your Student Pre-Enrolment Form, you will be provided with a consultation.

During this consultation you will be provided with all the relevant course information to help guide you into making a formal decision.

This ensures that the course that you choose can truly reflect your existing skills and competencies and meet your needs.

Step 3
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Once you have considered the recommended training program and have understood and accepted all the general and course specific information provided, you are now ready to apply via our Student Enrolment Application Form