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Online Classes and GoToMeeting (How to attend and participate)

Student Official Email

Published Mar 20 2020 6:01pm

Updated Aug 3 2020 3:02pm GMT+1000

Dear Students,

As you may be aware, some classes may be changed from face to face study to online study.

In order to conduct online classes, AIBTGlobal will use a program called GoToMeeting.

Students can access the classes through the GoToMeeting program for free when their trainers set up the class sessions.

Please access the link below to find out how to use GoToMeeting to access and participate in the online classes https://library.aibtglobal.edu.au/help/online-classes/   The video explains how students can attend classes run through GoToMeeting. The video includes: Where students will receive an invitation and link to attend the meeting (class). How students can access and attend the class. How students can participate in the class.

If you have any questions or concerns about the online classes please contact –

How to use GoToMeeting: Anna Regi – A.Regi@aibtglobal.edu.au

General enquiry: studentsupport@aibtglobal.edu.au

Best regards,


Student Official Email

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