Course Terms and Conditions

Pre-enrolment Information

Prior to enrolment, it is a mandatory requirement for students to complete the Student Pre-Enrolment Consultation process and have a consultation with our Enrolments Team, Sales Manager or Education Agent.

More information on Student Pre-Enrolment Consultation is available on the ‘Get Started’ Tab on our website homepage:

For further information on individual courses, please visit our website:


For more detailed course information, including Entry Requirements and Pre-requisites, please refer to the individual course page for each qualification on our website:


There is a minimum IELTS (or equivalent) requirement. If students do not meet our English entry requirements, they will be required to take an online test. For more information, please refer to

Non-tuition Fees


$200 – (Handling Fee)
$900 – (Administration Fee for Visa Assessment for students with a dependent/family)


$500 – for each qualification in Early Childhood, Ageing Support and Community Services.

Before commencing placement within Diana School of Community Services, students will be required to obtain mandatory documents at their own expense. Students will be notified via email on when to obtain these documents. More information on these mandatory required documents can be identified on each individual course page on our website: Refund policy rules apply to Placement Fees. Please check our Refund Policy for more detailed information:


International students must have adequate health insurance while in Australia.

It is a condition of your visa that you have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the full duration of your student visa. OSHC is insurance to assist international students to meet the costs of medical and hospital care.

You can organise your own OSHC, or we can assist you, as AIBT has an agreement with Bupa, one of Australia’s major health insurance providers. For more information, please visit their website:


We are partnered with Australian Homestay Network (AHN) – Australia’s Largest Homestay provider.

The homestay fee includes 3 meals and all amenities and may cost up to $350/week. Please visit for more information about our prices in each campus location.


Additional fees will be incurred for re-enrolment, resubmission, credit transfer and certificate re-issuance. For further information, please visit the individual course page on our website:


Once international borders are open offshore students are able to study Onshore.

Student Equipment Required

Students MUST have the following IT equipment prior to enrolling with the College and will require a suitable study space for self-study, assessment activities, or participation in online classes.


  1. Desktop or laptop with the following recommended System Requirements:
    (i) Windows 7 (2009) or higher
    (ii) Apple Macintosh OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher
  2. A webcam, e.g., built-in to a laptop or a USB webcam.
  3. Audio input and output suitable for video conferencing or online classes.
  4. A headset or earbuds with a microphone is recommended. Speakers and a microphone can be acceptable but need to be tested to check they do not introduce echo into a video conference or online classes.
  5. Photo/scan – a camera, e.g., on a mobile phone, can be required to scan and submit handwritten materials.



  1. A web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari (Please note that Apple users will be required to install Google Chrome in order to use Microsoft Teams) that will allow students to:
    (i) Stream videos from YouTube-style sites (a student must be aware of their internet usage limits and costs);
    (ii) Run word processing software such as Microsoft Teams, Word and PowerPoint;
    (iii) Participate in virtual classrooms or online live streaming webinars (e.g., Microsoft Teams or Zoom) for classes delivered online or via live-streaming webinar.
  2. The College will provide students with access to Microsoft Office 365 software (i.e., Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), however:
    (i) Students may require administration rights to their computer in order to install additional software.
    (ii) Students are strongly advised to install a suitable anti-virus program to protect their work.


  1. A reliable, high-speed broadband internet connection with sufficient upload and download capacity. A Wi-Fi or mobile connection can
    be acceptable if it is adequately stable to perform well in a video conference or online classes.
  2. Students will have access to the College’s wireless connection whilst on campus.
  3. Community internet and computer access:
    (i) In Australia, public libraries offer free access to computers and the internet, although students may require a membership card or be required to pay a small charge. Students may need to book ahead if they wish to use library services. Students will also have access to printing and photocopying services on a pay per page basis. Most libraries also provide wireless hotspots and recharging stations at no cost for students using their own devices.

The College encourages students to acquire the following skills and knowledge related to operating and maintaining an efficient online
study environment. Students must:

  1. Know how to install, use, and keep their computer’s internet browser and other software up to date (e.g. installing security updates);
  2. Be proficient in connecting their laptop and/or mobile device to wireless networks either at the College’s campus, your local library, or other locations;
  3. Have the ability to use a web camera and headset/microphone;
  4. Know how to use cloud storage (e.g. through Office 365 OneDrive); and
  5. Have the ability to use Microsoft Word and other related software packages.
Early Childhood Courses

These qualifications have been superseded on 19th July 2021. The last day of training and assessment for these qualifications is 20th January 2023. The current version of these courses are:

Qualification – Superseded VersionQualification – Current Version
CHC30113 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and CareCHC30121 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
CHC50113 – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and CareCHC50121 – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

AIBT will apply for the current version of these qualifications to be added to our scope (‘Scope Addition’). We anticipate that the scope addition process will be approved by 20th January 2023. Once the scope addition is approved, AIBT will transfer students from the superseded version to the current version of their qualification. If the scope addition process is not approved by 20th January 2023, AIBT will offer students a choice to either:

  • transfer to another course of their choice within AIBT; or
  • offer a transfer option to another college; or
  • students may choose to be released from their AIBT enrolment

AIBT does not commit to securing migration or education assessment outcomes for overseas students.

We strongly advise that students consult with a registered migration agent if they require more specific information. For the most up to date information please refer to the Australian Government’s Home Affairs website:

AIBT does not guarantee:

  • a successful education assessment outcome for the student or intending student; or

  • completion of an AIBT qualification will lead to an employment outcome; or

  • a learner will successfully complete a training product on its scope of registration; or

  • a training product can be completed in a manner which does not meet the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

All information is accurate at the time of publication. Please be aware that the information in this brochure including AIBT’s polices, fees and course content are subject to change without notice. Course commencement is dependent on sufficient enrolments, appropriate accreditation and registration requirements. It is the responsibility of students to check the terms and conditions in their in Final Letter of Offer, including all general and course-specific information prior to accepting, in particular, course offerings, duration, mode, commencement, campus location, fees and entry requirements. Applications and enrolments are subject to AIBT’s Privacy Policy, which is available online at

Entry Requirements

For more detailed information, please visit the qualification page for each course.

Additional Training Facilities

Please note that for certain qualifications students may be required, to travel to multiple locations in addition to their campus location to undertake and complete training. Such locations are:

Outdoor Training Fields

New South Wales:
Ace Aviation Training
Club Marconi
121-133 Prairie Vale Road
Bossley Park NSW 2176

Ace Aviation Training
Mount Gravatt Show Grounds
1644 Logan Road
Mount Gravatt
Brisbane QLD 4122

Commercial Kitchens

New South Wales:
Sheldon’s Training Restaurant
Shop 7
68 Mountain Street
Ultimo NSW 2007

Sheldon’s Training Restaurant
Shop 7
235 Nursery Road
Mount Gravatt
Brisbane QLD 4122

Hobart Training Kitchen
67 Federal Street
North Hobart TAS 7000


New South Wales:
Edison Engineering Workshop
Unit 7
9A Foundry Road
Seven Hills NSW 2147

Edison Engineering Workshop
Unit 7
27 Selhurst Street
Coopers Plains QLD 4108

Hobart Workshop
100 Charles Street
Moonah TAS 7009