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Region 2 (SISMIC)

S - Subcontinent
IS - Indian Ocean (including Seychelles)
MI- Middle East
C - China & Central Asia

Core Countries

Mr Johnny Wang

Head of Sales - Region 2 (SISMIC)

Mr Bulesh Sharma

Regional Sales and Marketing Manager
India | Mauritius | Seychelles

Mr Muhammad Asad Rahim

Senior Account Manager
Pakistan | Bhutan | Turkey

Mr Nikhil Malik

Senior Account Manager

Mr Karan Jain

Business Development Manager
India | Middle East

Mr Allen Fang

Business Development Manager

Ms Deepika Mathur

Account Manager

Ms Bindya Mahadew

Account Manager

Ms Ella Wang

Business Development Manager

Mr Sunil Parmar

Senior Account Lead

Mr Mohammad Ali Haider

Sales Coordinator

Ms Stella Hu

GTE Officer
Pakistan | China

Mr Sandeep Sharma

Enrolment Support Manager

Ms Amita Dhakal

Support Officer

Ms Josie Casella

Head of Marketing and Communications

Mr Michael Munstock

Global Product and Marketing Manager

List of SISMIC Countries

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