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Return to the campus Results

Student Official Email

Published Aug 18 2020 9:50am

Updated Aug 18 2020 2:36pm GMT+1000

Dear Students

This is an announcement to provide you the results of the Return to Campus Survey that was conducted. Thank you to those who participated.

From the 286 responses we received it appears that a majority of students are not comfortable with returning to the campus, see Figure 1 and 2, for a number of reasons. These reasons range from being in the classroom with others to catching public transport.

We are taking into account all students’ opinions and comments into the decision of returning to face-to-face classes, this includes both those who wish to come back to face-to-face and those that wish to continue with online classes. At AIBT Global we wish for all students to be safe, comfortable and able to complete their studies.

We would also like to thank those who comment and select potential protocols to help make you more comfortable to return to campus. These will be considered and included:

  • Availability of hand sanitisers (52% of students)
  • Limiting the number of people in a room (69% of students)
  • Maintaining 1.5m distance between people in classrooms (63% of students)
  • Mandatory masks (47% of students)
  • Temperature Checks (50% of students)

AIBTGlobal will take all these responses into consideration for when the college will reimplement face-to-face learning again on campus. The college will announce and update students the decisions and plans for face-to-face classes in the next few weeks.

Figure 1: Percentage response of students at AIBT Global from the Return to Campus Survey.

Figure 2: Percentage response of students at AIBT Global from the Return to Campus Survey split between Brisbane, Sydney and Hobart.

We wish you all the best in health and studies.

Warm regards,


Student Official Email

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