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Overdue Assessment Submission

Student Official Email

Published Jun 1 2020 11:29am

Updated Aug 3 2020 2:39pm GMT+1000

Dear Student,

This email is a reminder to all students regarding overdue assessment submissions

Assessment Submission

The new Assessment Policy and Procedure will be applied after 15/06/2020.

Reminding all existing students, there is still a chance (final chance) to submit overdue assessments until 15/06/2020.

New students Existing students
The Assessment Policy and Procedures will fully apply to all new students who start after 15/05/2020. Existing students have a chance (final chance) to submit their overdue assessment until 15/06/2020. This allowance will be granted to students who studied units of competency prior to 15/05/2020 and have not submitted assessments on the due date. Existing students must comply with the assessment submission requirements stated in the new Assessment Policy and Procedures for all unit of competencies starting after 15/05/2020.

A “Not Satisfactory” result of an assessment can lead to a “Not Competent” result in the unit of competency.

A “Not Competent” result can lead to unsatisfactory academic progress (e.g., warning letter and intervention strategy plan)

With the “Not Competent” result, the student will be required to reenroll in the UoC to be provided further training and/or reassessment.

A reenrollment fee may be applied to the student who reenrolls.

If a student wishes to apply for special consideration for the extension of assessment submissions, a student can apply by filling Special Consideration Form.

The student can search for the form at https://aibtglobal.edu.au/support/student-forms/.

Please see Assessment Policy and Procedures at https://aibtglobal.edu.au/support/student-forms/

Best Regards,


Student Official Email

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