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Inappropriate and risky behaviour during online class sessions

Student Official Email

Published Jul 22 2020 10:23am

Updated Aug 3 2020 2:27pm GMT+1000

Dear all students,

It has come to College’s attention that during online classes some students are partaking in inappropriate and risky behaviours. One such behaviours includes driving vehicles, watching movies, working or partying while attending online classes.

This is neither appropriate for your safety nor diligence/care on your academic behaviour.

We wish to remind students that when you attend the online classes you need to follow the Student Conduct Rules that include section 3 Safety, health and wellbeing which states you have an obligation to:

  • take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety, health and welfare of yourself, other students, AIBT staff or other persons when you are undertaking your studies
  • ensure you do not engage in any activity that exposes you, other students, AIBT staff or other persons to a risk of their health and safety

We would also like to remind students of section 11 Diligence, care and attention. You have  an  obligation to undertake your studies  with  AIBT to  the  best  of your  ability.  This includes:

  • performing your studies to the best of your ability  with care, competence and efficiency and in a manner, which reflects the values of AIBT
  • giving priority to your studies over personal activities
  • not allowing your own conduct to distract or prevent other students from performing their studies

When attending the online classes the Student Conduct Rules still apply.

Trainers are aware of the Student Conduct Rules and will notify the college of the any misconduct during online classes. In particular, the college aims to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and at the same time, maintain appropriate academic performance.

Best regards,


Student Official Email

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