Business Partners

Agent List:

We are proud to be represented by many different agencies all around the globe.
If you would like to find an agency near you that can help you arrange your study, download the list below.

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Interested in being an International Account Manager?:

With over 15 major global school articulation projects and 20 global sales representatives, Australia Institute of Business and Technology is all about positive growth. We are always looking into recruiting more representatives in our target markets to help us penetrate the markets and grow. We are very interested in working in developing countries and established markets which will help grow Australian Education.

We work with representatives on a global scale in order to either bring students into Australia or work with local schools or universities for transnational training. Currently we work training governments, corporate training institutions, travel study tours and pathways to higher education.

Please visit our Youtube page to know a little more about our institute, the Australia Institute of Business and Technology.

Contact us today if you are interested in being a part of our success story.