Our Commercial Team

Our friendly Sales Manager of your country

Mr Michael Munstock

Global Product and Marketing Manager

Working in tandem with

Ms Josie Casella, Group Marketing Officer
Email: j.casella@aibtglobal.edu.au

Michael will support all Commercial teams and develop global brand strategy for AIBTGlobal’s entire English print and digital marketing realm.


Mr Hans Kee

Regional Manager


Singapore | Philippines | Indonesia | Vietnam | Laos | Thailand | Malaysia | Cambodia | Myanmar | UK | Africa (excl. Indian Ocean) | Latin America (excl. Brazil)

Team Members:

Mr Richard Agtarap – Senior Business Development Manager
Email: r.agtarap@aibtglobal.edu.au

Ms Delia Tan – Senior Account Manager
Email: d.tan@aibtglobal.edu.au


Mr Johnny Wang

Regional Sales and Marketing Manager

China | Pakistan | Former Soviet Union

Team Members:

Mr Muhammad Asad Rahim – Senior Account Manager
Email: m.rahim@aibtglobal.edu.au

Ms Ella Wang – Senior Account Manager
Email: e.wang@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Adil Khan – Account Manager – Southern Pakistan
Email: a.khan@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Mohammad Ali Haider – Sales Coordinator
Email: M.Haider@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Allen Fang – Business Development Manager
Email: a.fang@aibtglobal.edu.au

Ms Grace Nai – Marketing Coordinator

Ms Stella Hu – GTE Officer
Email: h.sidan@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Raju Regmi

Business Development Manager




Mr Bulesh Sharma

Regional Sales and Marketing Manager
India and Indian Ocean


India | Mauritius | Madagascar | Bangladesh |

Sri Lanka | Maldives

Team Members:

Mr Sunil Parmar – Senior Account Lead
Email: s.parmar@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Karan Jain – Business Development Manager
Email: k.jain@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Nikhil Malik – Senior Account Manager
Email: n.malik@aibtglobal.edu.au

Ms Bindya Mahadew – Account Manager
Email: b.mahadew@aibtglobal.edu.au

Ms Deepika Mathur – Account Manager
Email: d.mathur@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Sandeep Sharma – Enrolment Support Manager
Email: s.sharma@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Barry Yang

Senior Business Development Manager


Taiwan | South Korea | Mongolia

Team Member:

Ms Clare Zhang – Sales Coordinator
Email: y.zhang@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Eddie Huang

Senior Product and Business Development Manager


New Zealand | Papua New Guinea | Fiji | Solomon Islands | Micronesia | Vanuatu | Samoa | Kiribati | Tonga | Marshall Islands | Palau | Tuvalu | Nauru