Our Commercial Team

Our friendly Sales Manager of your country

Mr Michael Munstock

Global Product and Marketing Manager

Working in tandem with

Ms Josie Casella, Head of Marketing and Communications
Email: j.casella@aibtglobal.edu.au

Michael will support all Commercial teams and develop global brand strategy for AIBTGlobal’s entire English print and digital marketing realm.


Mr Hans Kee

Regional Manager
(South East Asia, Africa, Latin America, UK)


Singapore | Philippines | Indonesia | Vietnam | Laos | Thailand | Malaysia | Cambodia | Myanmar | UK | Africa (excl. Indian Ocean) | Latin America (excl. Brazil)

Team Members:

Mr Richard Agtarap – Senior Business Development Manager
Email: r.agtarap@aibtglobal.edu.au

Ms Delia Tan – Senior Account Manager
Email: d.tan@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Sagar – Commercial Analyst 
Email: sagar@aibtglobal.edu.au


Mr Johnny Wang

Regional Sales and Marketing Manager
(China, Central Asia, Bhutan)

China | Pakistan | Former Soviet Union | Bhutan

Team Members:

Mr Muhammad Asad Rahim – Senior Account Manager
Email: m.rahim@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Mohammad Ali Haider – Sales Coordinator
Email: M.Haider@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Allen Fang – Business Development Manager
Email: a.fang@aibtglobal.edu.au

Ms Grace Nai – Marketing Coordinator

Ms Stella Hu – GTE Officer
Email: h.sidan@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Raju Regmi

Business Development Manager



Team Member:

Ms Amita Dhakal – Support Officer
Email: a.dhakal@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Bulesh Sharma

Regional Sales and Marketing Manager
(India, Indian Ocean, Bangladesh)


India | Mauritius | Madagascar | Bangladesh |

Sri Lanka | Maldives

Team Members:

Mr Sunil Parmar – Senior Account Lead
Email: s.parmar@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Karan Jain – Business Development Manager
Email: k.jain@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Nikhil Malik – Senior Account Manager
Email: n.malik@aibtglobal.edu.au

Ms Bindya Mahadew – Account Manager
Email: b.mahadew@aibtglobal.edu.au

Ms Deepika Mathur – Account Manager
Email: d.mathur@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Sandeep Sharma – Enrolment Support Manager
Email: s.sharma@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Barry Yang

Senior Business Development Manager
(East Asia)


Taiwan | South Korea | Mongolia

Team Member:

Ms Clare Zhang – Sales Coordinator
Email: y.zhang@aibtglobal.edu.au

Mr Eddie Huang

Senior Product and Business Development Manager


New Zealand | Papua New Guinea | Fiji | Solomon Islands | Micronesia | Vanuatu | Samoa | Kiribati | Tonga | Marshall Islands | Palau | Tuvalu | Nauru