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Academic Misconduct

Student Official Email

Published Aug 4 2020 10:51am

Updated Aug 4 2020 1:18pm GMT+1000

Dear Students,

AIBTGlobal (the College) places importance on academic integrity and ethical values. All students are required to behave with honesty and respect in all their educational behaviours.

The purpose of this announcement is to remind all students that the College has an Academic Misconduct Policy to govern students’ academic behaviour. The College has zero tolerance for academic misconduct and will immediately take actions on students who are found breaching any rules as indicated in our Academic Misconduct Policy (AMP).

The academic misconduct behaviour may include any acts of, but not limited to:

  • Plagiarism: your work contains information from another source which is presented without proper referencing in acknowledging the original source (section 2.5.1 of AMP);
    • For example, a student copies information from learner guides, websites, or any other text books without providing any reference.
  • Cheating: you behave dishonestly to obtain an unfair advantage in any form of assessment.  (section 2.5.2 of AMP)
    • For example, a student copies another student’s assessment and submits as their own.
  • Collusion: you collaborate with other students either currently enrolled or graduated to produce an assessment that is submitted as your own (section 2.5.3 AMP).
    • For example, a student provides an assessment to another student for review, reference or copy. This includes students who have already graduated but provide their assessment for other current students to review, reference or copy. The College will revoke a student’s graduation outcome if he or she colluded with any student to cheat on their assessment.

If you are committing any of the above behaviours during your course of enrolment with the College, please be advised that you will be subject to academic misconduct penalties underAMP.

Therefore, we encourage students to carefully read, understand, and comply with the College’s Academic Misconduct Policy. Please see the policy athttps://aibtglobal.edu.au/support/student-forms/academic-policies/. This is to avoid academic misconduct.

Kind Regards,


Student Official Email

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